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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Board of Trustees LEGISLATIVE BODYVillage Hall6 
Civic Center Authority Board ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONOrland Park Civic Center 14750 Ravinia Avenue Rotunda  
Civic Center Department DEPARTMENT   
Community Events & Outreach Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Community Relations Commission ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONVillage Hall  
Department of Business Information Systems DEPARTMENT   
Development Services & Planning Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Development Services Department DEPARTMENT   
Development Services, Planning and Engineering Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall2 
Economic Development Advisory Board ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONWest Conference Room  
Economic Development Strategy and Community Engagement COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Finance and Information Technology Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Finance Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Finance Department DEPARTMENT   
Historic Preservation Review Commission ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONVillage Hall East Conference Room - 2nd Floor  
Museum Development and Advisory Board ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONOrland Park History Museum 14415 South Beacon Avenue  
No body COMMITTEE   
Office of Public Information Department DEPARTMENT   
Officials DEPARTMENT   
Open Lands Fund Commission COMMISSIONVillage Hall4 
Parking and Traffic Advisory Board ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONVillage Hall  
Parks & Building Maintenance Department DEPARTMENT   
Parks and Recreation Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Parks, Recreation & Environmental Initiatives COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Plan Commission COMMISSIONVillage Hall3 
Planning and Development Department DEPARTMENT   
Planning Department DEPARTMENT   
Police Department DEPARTMENT   
Public Safety Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Public Works and Engineering Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Public Works Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall2 
Public Works Department DEPARTMENT   
Recreation Advisory Board ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONRec Administration Conference Room8 
Recreation and Parks Department DEPARTMENT   
Recreation Department DEPARTMENT   
Senior Citizens Advisory Board ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSION   
Technology Commission ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONVillage Hall6 
Technology Communication & Community Engagement Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Technology, Innovation and Performance Improvement Committee COMMITTEEVillage Hall  
Trustee at Large - 1 TRUSTEE   
Trustee at Large - 2 TRUSTEE   
Trustee at Large - 3 TRUSTEE   
Trustee at Large - 4 TRUSTEE   
Trustee at Large - 5 TRUSTEE   
Trustee at Large - 6 TRUSTEE   
Village Clerk VILLAGE CLERK   
Village Manager DEPARTMENT   
Village President VILLAGE PRESIDENT 1 
Village President - 7 TRUSTEE   
Zoning Board of Appeals - Hearing Officers ADVISORY BOARD/COMMISSIONVillage Hall Building Department2